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book series

for this project we needed to design three books of the same author as if they were to be rereleased as a series. i chose author cormac mccarthy as i was already deeply familiar with his work. in my research, i came across an interview with mccarthy where he states that he believes that man, without consequence or the normal the parameters of society, becomes barbaric and animalistic; he would cease to function. i realized this, above anything else, was the common theme in each of his novels. with this concept in mind, i wanted to use the book itself as the metaphor. in a way, the cover, spine, back cover and interior spaces of a book are the parameters which give us guidance as to how to use it, what the story is about (etc)... by stretching the typography across all five spaces and destroying legibilty, the functionality of the cover deteriorates and the user is forced to question it's purpose.


typography is printed on a velum sheet, obscuring background imagery. 

curiously cropped imagery across the cover further begs the question of "what is beyond?"